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Dissidents' Fortress
Fellow Dissidents

     Welcome to the homepage of the Cognitive Dissidents. On this site you will find information about us, a link to download our music, and ways to contact us to offer feedback.
     If you are a DJ, Artist, or just a supporter of electronic music, contact us and provide us with a link to your site so we can check it out as well as link it to ours. The only thing we ask in return is that you link our page to yours.

About Us

     Cognitive Dissidents is an electronic music duo based outside Baltimore. We strive to create a holistic listening experience by crafting thickly layered soundscapes that combine eletronic elements and traditional composing techniques. The result is our deliberately raw, experimental sound that we simply call "Psychocosmic". Not content to be pigeon-holed into one specific type of electronic music our tracks range from soft and laid back, to world influenced jams, to in your face synth fests.

     Cognitive Dissidents(or Cog Dis for short) was formed in 2003 as a simple collaboration between Rev R, a DJ and SHPX, a classically trained pianist. The Dissidents combine R's knowledge of beats and intuitive ear with SHPX's vast knowledge of music theory. 

     The name Cognitive Dissidents comes from the name of a nightclub in William Gibson's "All Tomorrows Parties". After much discussion and a few beers, we decided that it was the perfect name to describe our attitudes toward music and hint at what we try to create.

     We count many artists of various genres as influences to the "Psychocosmic" sound. Considering them more background rather than something to emulate. Among Cog Dis' influences are: Delirium, Deep Forest, Enigma, Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Apollo 440, Project Phenix, Depeche Mode, Beck, all forms of Classical and Jazz music, and underground electronic music.of all types.