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Dissidents' Fortress
Fellow Dissidents

What Are People Saying About Cognitive Dissidents?

Some may call this music experimental, electronic or a relative of acid rock, but it simply has it's own name, Psychocosmic. The thick layering of Cognitive Dissidents music gives it's listeners a visit to the outer world. At times one may feel as if they are not on land, but in a distant isolation with songs such as Knot and Yoh. Yet they experiment with other sounds with the a great example of Dissident's Theme. The groovy breakbeat builds into a hip-hop rock influence with a touch of electric layering. Now for a group that disagrees with political and religious systems, this music can sort of help them publicly make it known with a lead vocals including strong lyrics. But for now, Cognitive Dissidents, should sell their music to those looking to have fun and adventures without going anywhere, the powerful glow of Skillful Means will take listeners away!

MORGo Music Group!